The Sopranos -
One of the most memorable characters on TV in the recent past,
and in my opinion the best TV series to this day- here's to Tony.

KPN commercial


Here is a scene from a commercial I worked on.The giraffe was build in 3D at Postpanic and then rotoscoped.Fun to do some mixed-media stuff. Some great compositing work done by Postpanic on this job.

"Song Of The Sea" teaser scenes


The Saloons next feature film project,"Song Of The Sea",is in several stages of development- We made a teaser recently and here are two scenes I animated. Designs by Tomm Moore and compositing wizardry from Serge Umé's team at Digital Graphics.
Svend Rothmann and Sean Mc Carron also animated scenes on the teaser.BGs by Adrien Merigeau.Follow the production blog here. video

Paul Young,producer/actor/cartoonist/general cool bean is away in South Africa for a fortnight,so this week I'm filling in for his usual slot as cartoonist of the "Kilkenny People" newspaper.

"Secret Of Kells" graphic novels

The "Secret Of Kells" graphic novels by Tomm Moore are out! Here are three of the pages of Vol.2 I worked on recently.Tomm layed out the pages with a mixture of screenshots from the movie including posing by Barry Reynolds and new elements, and Ray Forkan and myself then worked on the detailed stuff. Marie Thorhauge also did stellar work on the colours of the prequel part.The hardback cover is published by Glénat in France.All images are copyright of Glénat and Cartoon Saloon. Order it online!